Work Products

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A work product is an OPF process component that models anything of value (e.g., document, diagram, application, software component, hardware component) that is produced by one or more collaborating producers during the performance of one or more tasks.

During the evolution of a work product, increasingly complete and higher quality versions of work products are created. Therefore, each work product has an associated time-ordered set of work product versions.


The typical objectives of work products are to:

Kinds of Work Products

The OPF class library of reusable process components contains the following predefined kinds of work products:

Work Product Sets

Work products are typically organized into the following work product sets based on the activities during which they are produced:


The following figure uses the UML notation to illustrate the inheritance, aggregation, and reference relationships between work product sets, their work products, their versions, the languages they are documented in, and the producers that produce them:

Figure of Work Products Activities Components Work Product Sets Work Product Versions Producers Languages